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Was anyone here aware Instantnood is running another poll to move "XXX of Taiwan" to "XXX of the Republic of China" at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese)/NPOV/Taiwan vs. ROC? The poll "started" a week ago, but since no pages link to the polling page, I thought maybe it was a little onesided and needed some publicity... SchmuckyTheCat 21:21, 5 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Please kindly check Special:Whatlinkshere/Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese)/NPOV/Taiwan vs. ROC (except those added by SchmuckyTheCat just now), for what pages are linked to it. Thank you.
Please also note that the polls there are enforcement of the naming conventions. — Instantnood 21:49, Apr 5, 2005 (UTC)


I first suggested to proceed to have a poll as a solution on March 10 at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese)/archive4#Solution, and there was no objection. More than two weeks later on March 26 I suggested to have polls on a case-by-case basis (at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese)/NPOV#Solution). A link was added at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese)/NPOV#Solution to direct readers to the polling page on March 31, at the time when the polling page was created.

SchmuckyTheCat is wrong for accusing me for starting the polls with no page linked to it, that it might resulted in onesided and lack of publicity. Please note this is an accusation, though I am pretty sure opinion wouldn't be affected easily. — Instantnood 06:42, Apr 6, 2005 (UTC)

"Taiwan Area"[edit]

User:Jiang changed the notice and used the term "Taiwan Area". As far as I know the this term, which covers the same territories with "Free Area", actually refers to the territories the ROC government currently administered, i.e. Quemoy and Matsu are included. "Taiwan Area" is used in place of "Free Area" in trade, travelling and business matters as it has less implications. The two terms are not used to differentiate the island of Taiwan and the Pescadores from the two counties of Fukien Province. — Instantnood 14:07, July 10, 2005 (UTC)

Information-oriented, and "Republic of China (Taiwan)"[edit]

The country name on the passports for all Taiwanese nationals(include those from the island of Taiwan, Pescadores, Kinmen and Matzu) is "Republic of China (Taiwan)". The government of Taiwan uses the name "Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan)" (, too. Therefore, officially, Taiwan is a synonym for Republic of China,and this is also the most common usage in the Western. For being information-oriented article in an encyclopaedia, I see no reason to use the expression "Highways in the Taiwan Area of the Republic of China", which is unclear either for a Taiwanese or a Westerner. Therefore, I rewrote it as:

the highway system within the region under the administration of Taiwan(vaguely equivalent to Republic of China after 1949, also known by Republic of China(Taiwan), Chinese Taipei, Republic of China on Taiwan, etc.)..

This might not be favored by those who want to stress that "Taiwan is not a synonym for Republic of China", but this is the way both government of Taiwan and most Western media use them, and the way allows people to understand the Taiwan-related articles more easily and efficiently.

I consider that our current title "Highway System in Taiwan" is good enough as we have not talked about any major roads in Kinmen or Matzu.--Jusjih 15:53, 23 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Taiwanese highway maps[edit]

The website of the Directorate General of Highways have highway maps, from [1], but they are in Chinese only. The copyright statement says "歡迎下載使用或網頁連結,版權所有請勿任意修改或大量翻印", translated into English as "welcome downloads for use or web page links, copyrighted, please do not alter indiscriminately or reproduce in bulk". This is NOT compactible with GFDL, so please do not copy them to Wikimedia Commons. --(Commons admin) Jusjih 17:09, 24 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Quemoy and Matsu[edit]

Are there any county and township routes in the Kinmen and Lienchiang counties? — Instantnood 09:39, 4 June 2006 (UTC)[reply]

This Chinese page suggests that apparently Quemoy and Matsu have township routes only.--Jusjih 15:50, 23 October 2006 (UTC)[reply]

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