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this article is stupid.

"this song is out of control" this an encyclopedia, not amazon reviews.

this page is too POV. who are you to say industrial revolution isnt "the best song".

and since when was technique ever described as muslim!? lol i thought someone who listened to him would have more intelligence then to create a page like this.

  • The song summaries shouldn't be so POV, but they should stil highlight some of the more unique accusations technique makes. He is a self-proclaimed muslim. Beef & Broccolli: "It's not that I don't eat pork because I'm a muslim..." 4th Branch: "A Fake church called the prophet muhammed a terrorist."

NO. hes saying he doesnt eat pork because he just doesnt like it, NOT BECAUSE HES A MUSLIM. and since when has speaking out against people who criticise islam mean that you yourself follow islam?! and in leaving the past he says he DOESNT FOLLOW RELIGION, HE DOESNT SEE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE WRONG AND THE WRONG! the caps are for effect (works very well)

$30 says he made it himself. Project2501a 22:54, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)